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In Anal Sluts We Trust #6 (2012)
Posted by Anal Teens  [ January 09 2013 23:06 ]
Critiquing “lesbian” porn
Lesbian porn

The degradation inherent in this genre is oftentimes not obvious to the men watching it. But, when viewed through a radical feminist lens it becomes painfully clear.

Before I start I’d like to clarify that yes, I’ve seen lesbian porn. I’ve seen more lesbian porn than I can remember. The images are burned into my brain forever and for Dim, when he was watching porn, it was one of his favorites. We’re going to talk a little bit about the dangers and problems in ‘lesbian porn’, this post is a dual effort from both me and Dim.

Lesbian. What a word huh? For a typical man who watches porn it generally includes white, blonde-haired, blue-eyed nymphs. Large-breasted, soft-eyed creatures who playfully romp around, kissing, fondling, then retiring to the bedroom to pull out penetrative toys.

Then there are dykes. Generally non-porn-looking feminist women who are short, fat, hate men, and carry around small knives in case one gets too close. Unshaven, unfeminine, evil incarnate bitches who only want to have sex with other women.

Wait a minute. Don’t lesbians only want to have sex with other porn video
women too? Why then is ‘lesbian porn’ so hugely popular with men while ‘dyke’ is such a gigantic insult?

The answer is that lesbian porn has nothing at all to do with women and everything to do with men. Lesbian porn takes the scary ‘dyke’ and turns her into a caricature of female homosexuality. Men are terrified of ‘dykes’, of women who don’t need or want men. With this in mind, ‘lesbian’ porn turns the scary ol’ ‘dyke’ into the far less threatening ‘lesbian’.

Lesbian pornography sends propaganda-style messages about how all women wish to experience sex. It shows homosexual women performing for an implied or expressed male viewer, and shows those women performing only the acts men want to see. Lesbian Porn reassures men that they, and their penises, are welcome and needed even in a population that, in real life, would rather have nothing to do with them. Finally, lesbian porn distorts the differences between sexual orientations. Lesbian porn reiterates to men that women, ALL women, regardless of their sexual orientation, are available for their sexual pleasure, even the private moments that lesbians share between themselves.

Lesbian porn is also about control. It’s all about a man having control over women when there is supposedly no man around.

In lesbian porn what we see first is the male-centric idea of female appearance. We see two women who are eagerly engaged in looking the part of the aforementioned porn-standard of beauty. When they’re shown with clothes at all, they are the same clothes that women wear to impress men: miniskirts, high heels and cleavage-baring tops. Apparently, men believe lesbians find exactly the same body parts sexy that heterosexual men find sexy, and wear clothes to accentuate those parts. This goes a long way towards reassuring men that everything they like, women also like, and should like to show to everyone.

How soothing it must be for a man’s ego, to know that women will do exactly what he likes them to do, even when he’s not around to nag talk them into it. How reassuring it must be for a man to know that women just love having large cocks stuffed into their rectums to the point that even when they’ve adopted a lifestyle that includes no men whatsoever, they’ll still perform the act. How comforting it must be for a man to know that women enjoy being called “whores” and “cunts” and being told to “take that dick” by anyone, not just him.

Lesbian porn tells men that women, even when left to their ‘own’ devices, will choose a patriarchal (dominant/submissive) way to engage in sex. Even between ‘equals’ (women) that one must be dominant and one must be submissive.

For example:

I have a pic that I’m working on right now for another post (I’ve got several but I need to work on them to protect myself from copyright infringement). It was sent to me by a commenter on this site, a man who claims that ‘his’ porn is ‘different’ and who sent me links to his different porn. This comes from a site where the woman making the films is ‘feminist’ and ‘makes porn for women’

In one ‘lesbian’ scene, I cropped a photo where woman A is wearing a huge strap on and fucks woman B doggy style. For 50 full seconds we get a close-up shot of woman A penetrating woman B. As she is doing so she’s saying to woman B “Fuck that dick you whore”, “You know you want to fuck that cock, fuck it!” and she slaps woman B repeatedly on the buttocks until they are red with handprints. Woman A is moaning in assumed ecstasy while fucking woman B with a fake penis and slapping woman B on the buttocks.

B then turns, at the orders of woman A and, while on her hands and knees, gives a blow-job to the fake penis of woman A.

Lesbian porn works the same way as ‘hetero’ porn. There is a very clear ‘dominant’ woman and a very clear ‘submissive’ woman. There is the fucker and the fuckee. At least one of those women will be acting like a man. She is generally aggressive and sometimes even slaps the other woman in BDSM fashion.

Lesbian porn offers the titillation of showing a woman degrading another woman and the other woman enjoying it. Lesbian porn gives the opportunity for men to say that women like to be degraded, so much so that even other women can do so and the woman will still like it.

It tells men that they are ok when they treat women badly because women like to be hit, slapped, or penetrated, even by other women.

Keep in mind that none of these “lesbians” are just having sex for the joy of having sex; they are performing for a male observer. Most of the time, that observer is only implied by the way the girls frolic and play to the camera, performing only the acts men want to see and truncating or eliminating entirely the acts that most men are uninterested in, but that real-life homosexual women might actually do. For instance, how many lesbian porn videos are there that show more than a minute or two of kissing? Especially without having the girls’ tongues meet in mid-air so that the man can verify the women are, in fact, touching tongues?

Other times, the male observer is expressed, especially in videos. Either there is a guy watching and jacking off to the show, or there is a surprised bystander who ‘happens’ to witness, or there is actually a male (usually the cameraman or photographer) audibly telling the performers what to do.

Whether expressed or implied, however, the viewer is always in control. His acts are the acts that get performed; her acts are the acts that get left out unless it also happens to be one of his acts too.

Real lesbian sex rarely resembles what men want to believe it is. Lesbian sex is very, very different from what men see in their ‘lesbian’ porn.

Any man who believes that lesbian porn has anything even remotely to do with lesbians is, without a doubt, absolutely lying to themselves and is deluded as hell. Any man who doesn’t believe that lesbian porn has everything in the world to do with men is also lying to themselves. At no time does it take female pleasure into primary account. For one thing, why…
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